Improving the VRR for RN Education

How can we improve the VRR experience for RNs?

We asked emerg nurses and pediatric emerg nurses and identified the process of medication prep as one of the areas that would be most useful to simulate.

With their help, we created two changes:

  1. Created a “Medications Being Given” space on Slide 1. This will make it more clear what medications are being infused vs. given as boluses.
  2. Created a “Medication Preparation and Administration” Table. Before a medication can be brought to Slide 1 and “administered – our RN participants need to reference their local drug monograph and determine how to prepare medication and how it will be administered.

We hope that these changes will create more realistic time delays between order + med administration: re-inforcing the need for closed loop communication. Hopefully it will also make the process of “giving” meds in the VRR more meaningful for RN participants.

Please get in touch if you have any ideas for how to improve this med prep process or if you would like to use these slides! They have not been shared yet, as they are currently being refined and improved by our peers.

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