You will be running an online simulation using the Virtual Resus Room! The purpose of the VRR is to create an online Sim environment that allows to work with your team to run through a simulated patient case together. Since you will actually have to complete virtual “tasks” – you will have to collaborate and use your crisis resource management skills. Your facilitators will be updating the case in response to your decisions, which will hopefully allow you to apply your medical knowledge and identify any knowledge gaps. Have fun, buy-in (use your imagination!), and please get in touch with any feedback or ideas!

Sim Basics:

What do you need?

Getting Started:

How does the VRR work?

The Virtual Resus Room is a Google Slides document that you, your fellow learners, and your facilitators will all have open and be editing at the same time. You will complete these tasks:

Essential shortcuts to know:

  • Copy: Command-C or Control-C (mac/PC)
  • Paste: Command-V or Control-V (mac/PC)
  • Select multiple things: press and hold Shift and click multiple objects.

Learn More:

Instructional Video:
Demo rooms & videos:
Participant Instructions Handout:

Any questions? Get in touch.

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