What you need:

  1. Laptop with internet
  2. Teleconferencing Meeting Link (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other)
  3. Google Slides Link for the Virtual Resus Room case

How it works:

The Virtual Resus Room is a Google Slides document that you, your fellow learners, and your facilitators will all have open and be editing at the same time. You will complete tasks like clicking and dragging images to apply monitors, choose and “give medications”, and apply oxygen.

Essential shortcuts to know:

  • Copy: Command-C or Control-C (mac/PC)
  • Paste: Command-V or Control-V (mac/PC)
  • Select multiple things: press and hold Shift and click multiple objects.

See how it works by checking out a demo room and some videos here:

More instructions can be found in following handout:

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