How can we do compressions virtually?

One of our most commonly used cases is a patient with VTach who arrests. One of the primary learning objectives is to review the basic tenants of how to do compressions (30:2, depth, etc). We have used a variety of methods to have learners do compressions:

  1. “Compressing” by moving their hands towards the Zoom screen.
  2. Doing “Toilet Paper CPR”, borrowed from this NorthernCityofHeroes tweet.
  3. Dragging a gif of compressing hands onto the patient chest, like in the video below.

My favourite method is to have the students do Toilet paper CPR while counting out loud to 30. Then, the person “bagging” mimes the gesture of squeezing the bag twice. It simulates the concentration required to count out 30:2 AND the fatigue that results from good quality compressions. Most importantly: it adds a bit of chaos and distraction for the team lead – reinforcing the need for situational awareness and effective communication.

Other ideas for how we could improve this experience?

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