The Virtual Resus Room was created after physical distancing restrictions during the COVID pandemic prevented us from doing in person simulations, by:

Sarah Foohey
Lecturer, DFCM, University of Toronto
Trillium Health Partners



If you have any questions or feedback from your experience using the VRR, please get in touch!

Thanks to:

EMSimCases , Emergency Medicine Cases, and Simulation Canada for supporting this project.

Dr. Paul Koblic, Dr. Teresa Chan, Dr. Alim Nagji, Dr. James Leung, Dr. Virginia Brown, Dr. Melissa Snyder, Dr. Allison Yantzi for their ideas and feedback during the early stages of the VRR development. Thanks to our resident and med student champions and team: Chelsea Hall, Mary Freymond, Alex Alferis, Dr. Zainab Najarali, Dr. Marlee Klaiman.


These virtual sim resources are intended to be used as a teaching tool. You are not to use thse information as medical advice to treat yourself or others. The information is not intended to be used to establish “standard of care” in a legal sense. Of course, I make every effort to ensure high quality materials, but no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any content.

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