Use a “Ready to Run” Case

You can use one of the already created Google Slide “rooms” to run your virtual Simulation. Using one of these cases should require very little preparation time on your part.

This is what you do:

  1. Open up the case you are interested in from list below.
  2. Click on link for Room
  3. This will open in a new tab as a “View Only” Google Slide document
  4. Google Slide -> File -> Make a copy -> Entire presentation
  5. Copy document pops up. Name case. Press Ok.
    • Name slide set something generic like “Room A” so it doesn’t contain spoilers when you share with your learners!
  6. This will open new tab as your editable Google Slide document
  7. File -> Version History -> Name Current Version -> “Unused Room”
    • This will save this untouched version of the room before the case starts (See “Resetting Room after Case” in “Running the Sim”)
Demonstration of how to create your new Room
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