Build Your Own “Room”

Create your own Google Slide “room” for any Sim case you would like to run. This might take a little bit more time, but shouldn’t be too challenging once you get the hang of it.


  1. Create your own Google Slides document
  2. Use already-made slides: Copy and paste the slides you would like to add from the following view-only documents:
    • Main Room (slide 1, consists of patient silhouette)
    • Medications (medication tray, medication library)
    • Airway (airway tray, glidescope videos, BiPAP model, HFNC model, cric slide)
    • Physical Exam Findings (audio, video, photos, gifs)
    • Procedures (IO insertion, UVC, Defib machine, hysterotomy, etc)
    • PPE Slides (if you choose to include PPE order of donning as an objective)
  3. Create your own slides:
    • Create “background”: this is image that participants cannot interact with. Create the background you would like in another slide – take screenshot – insert as slide background. Can do this to create more polished product (for investigations, procedure slides etc)
    • Adding videos and audio: Import into Google Drive. Change share settings to “anyone with link can edit”. Then insert into Google Slides on appropriate page (insert – video – choose from drive)
    • Consider adding gifs so video plays continuously/on a loop. Can easily convert a video to a gif using a website like this. Add gifs and images by clicking and dragging onto the slide, or using insert – image – choose.

If you prepare a room for a new case and would like to share – please get in touch so we can post it here!

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