• Share Link to Zoom Meeting. Can use one room and multiple breakout rooms.
  • Share Link to the Google Slides “Room”. Change share settings to Anyone on the internet with this link can edit”.
    • Before sharing Google Slides Document – ensure title is something generic (ex: “Room A”) so you don’t give away the case!

  • See Learner page for example video about how to introduce learners to the VRR
  • Consider adding this slide to your Virtual Room or sharing during your prebrief to help introduce the principles of Sim to learners: Cardinal Principles of Sim.
  • Here is an example of the introduction we use for junior learners:
  • Verbal Feedback:
    • Introduce case with prompt. Answer questions about history and physical. Provide case updates as is appropriate.
  • Vital Signs:
    • After monitors have been applied, type in the VS in text boxes over monitors. Delete black box next to HR to reveal rhythm strip. Update VS as case progresses.
    • When multiple rhythm strips are required for case – either layer them so they can be sequentially deleted or have strip readily available in facilitator document to copy and paste during case.
  • Slides 4+:
    • Hidden multimedia and investigations. When prompted by learner’s questions or actions – tell them what slide to go to and delete grey box to “reveal” finding.
  • Tips & Creative Ideas:
    • Consider running audio of background noise through your audio. Example of audio here.
    • If you want learners to have “staggered entry” to force them to handover – you can use waiting room feature in Zoom and allow them to enter at the appropriate time.
    • If you want learners to call family members or consultants – you can given them facilitator phone number. Both facilitator and participant mute their audio during this “side conversation” via phone, and can then return to case.
  • Tips
    • Some facilitators have had success integrating videos into their materials or bringing equipment home for demonstration purposes
    • If you are running your case with junior learners, consider using the following debrief slide to allow the learners to type out their “reactions phase”:
  • Google Slide -> File -> Version History -> See Version History
  • See right sided menu “Version History”. Toggle to “Only see named version”
  • Select your previously saved version -> Press yellow “Restore this Version” button -> Restore.
How to save version of unused room, then how to restore this saved version after case completed.

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