Undifferentiated Shock/PE

Case Summary:

A 60 year old woman presents to the ED after a syncopal episode. She has a history of breast cancer. She is tachycardic and hypotensive. Learners are expected to work through their DDx for shock. This case is designed to allow learners to practice using the RUSH protocol for undifferentiated shock, and has a selection of ultrasound images. Learners can make the diagnosis of PE using these US findings. She becomes progressively unstable and ultimately arrests, requiring lysis.


The following slides are deliberately “view only” (since they are the master slides). To use them – you simply need to copy and paste the slides you would like to use into your own, new Google Slides Document.

How can you make your Virtual Resus Room using these slides?
  1. Click on link for Room
  2. This will open in a new tab as a “View Only” Google Slide document
  3. Google Slide -> File -> Make a copy -> Entire presentation
  4. Copy document pops up. Name case. Press Ok.
    • Name slide set something generic like “Room A” so it doesn’t contain spoilers when you share with your learners!
  5. This will open new tab as your editable Google Slide document
  6. File -> Version History -> Name Current Version -> “Unused Room”
    • This will save this untouched version of the room before the case starts (See “Resetting Room after Case” in “Running the Sim”:)
Case Written By:

Case from Sim Sinai. Updated by Dr. Rob Simard and Dr. Sarah Foohey Feb 2021.

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